Below are the links to the three chapters of my dissertation. If I make any changes before the defense I will list here what I changed as well as the date I changed it. Any major changes will also be communicated via email.

1. Conflicts, Assortative Matching, and the Evolution of Signaling Norms

  • May 27: Corrected Legend in Figure 9

2. Testing the Efficacy of Stepping Stone Equilibria in Coordination Games

  • May 12: The results and conclusions were re-written, graphs in section 3 were improved. Some hypotheses rearranged.
  • May 27: replaced pi(ai, aj) with pi(si, sj) in the bottom of the first paragraph of 2.1.1

3. Minimally Incomplete Information and Convergence of Adaptive Play in 2×2 Games

  • Please note, section 4 of this paper is preliminary and changes will be made.